Hello, World!

Documentation is the most boring part of any project. However that doesn't mean its not important…

Everything requires maintenance and so there will come the day when you have to open up the project1 again and fix or repair something. For me this is always exiting since most of the time i have completely forgotten most of what i have done to do the repair. Having to sit down and getting into the mindset of my past self by just looking at the internals of the project takes way more time then if i just had written a few words about the thing in the first place.

That is where this blog comes into play. I want to have a fun way of just writing some quick words about a project while working on it. That way i can freshen up my memories when i need to know the details again. And there is a side benefit to that… YOU get to read about it, too!

Let's see how that pans out or if im just going to stop after the first view posts ;)

  1. be it software or hardware ↩︎