Upload script for uPython

My university exams for this semester are mostly done by now. And with all the corona-virus-measures the new semester doesn’t start for another month. Hopefully I will finish some of those procrastinated projects of mine ;)

Anyways. Micropython is still on my radar (I even used it in one university assignment and it really shined there). Here is a small script which uploads all files to the controller (when web-REPL is enables of course):

md5files=$(cat .uploaded)

if [ "$#" != 0 ]; then

for i in $(ls *.py)
   if [[ $md5files != *"$(md5sum $i | cut -d' ' -f1)"* ]]; then
       echo $(md5sum $i)
       webrepl_cli.py -p asdf $i $IP:/$i
       md5files=$(echo $md5files | sed 's|:\([^:]*\)'"$i"'||g'):$(md5sum "$i")
       echo "$md5files" > .uploaded

You can provide the IP of the microcontroller as an argument, otherwise is used (which is the IP my prototype ESP32 gets assigned, so you should probably change that ;) ). The script also saves the md5 hashes of the uploaded files in a file called .uploaded so unchanged files don’t get constantly uploaded again. The script doesn’t check if the upload is successful, so only run the script when the upload is going to work ;) It uses the webrepl_cli.py script from the official micropython github page. As you can see my script is hacked together and i should probably feel bad for making it public here, but it works and im going to update it if i feel the need to1.

  1. which means i had to rm .uploaded too often, cause the upload didn’t work but the md5-file is updated. ↩︎